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anagram2.jpgBy Alexander Jones

Mike Redman (1978/Netherlands) is an independent film maker and owner of the record label Redrum Recordz. He has built up an impressive track record as a music producer and expert in special make-up effects. Besides directing a number of television programs and video clips he also made a number of successful documentaries. ‘Anagram’ is his most recent work. In a most original way, it portrays the intriguing work of the well-known Dutch visual artist Diet Wiegman (1944).


Redman: “Diet Wiegman’s work always fascinated me. Through his art, he invites the viewer to look at so-called ordinary objects and situations in a different way, which makes them unique. For example, he constructed a crate with rubbish in it, which, when lit in a special way, resulted in producing a perfect shadow of the ‘David’ by Michelangelo on the wall. He received international recognition for this installation which has been copied by others throughout the years.


In the documentary ‘Anagram’, not a word is spoken. It turns out that that Wiegman’s work does not need any explanation. His oeuvre is exceptionally varied and all of it is unfolded through the images in the film. The works touch on other disciplines as well, combining elements in a way which other artists would not easily invent. In order to find terms for this extremely varied work, the Diet Wiegman Group was established. The group consists of 11 anagrams borrowed from the name ‘Diet Wiegman’ and forms the starting point for this unique film.

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